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Onsite LF & LO License Training Courses

For All Onsite Forklift License Courses Sydney

If you have driven a forklift before or not, we can help you to get your Forklift Licence as quickly and easily as possible! Whatever your situation, Forklift Courses Sydney have many courses available to suit your career or business.

Here Are Just Some Of License Courses That Forklift Courses Sydney Have Available For You and Your Staff:
Onsite Forklift License Training in Sydney:

Onsite training is by far the most beneficial alternative because it gives us the opportunity to tailor the training to your site/procedures and your equipment. Each participant is trained extensively in the safest, fastest and most productive methods for operating on your site.
With our onsite courses you can choose to have the training delivered in different ways: (Intensive Courses) or (Flexible Courses) please ring for more information.

Most businesses prefer our Flexible Courses as they provide the least amount of disruption. Each onsite course can be tailored around your business and workload to ensure your staff only spend the minimal time away from their role. Training is usually broken up into short sessions with applicants needing to study and practice in between (most commonly at night in their own time).
Onsite Flexible Courses consist of face to face training sessions and the WorkCover licence test. The initial session runs for approx 4 hrs depending on student numbers, session two or three if required are approx 2 hours each in duration and the licence testing takes between 2-5 hrs depending on student numbers.

Each session is fitted in around your workload and is designed to provide minimal disruption to your site as possible. If needed, practical training can include unloading/loading deliveries or picking orders so as to assist in your production where possible.
Students will have study and practice to complete between sessions and the necessary study time will need to be allocated.

Onsite Intensive Forklift Courses can be delivered using a variety of different training schedules, tailored to suit student experience and also company workloads. Standard courses range from a minimum of one 4 hr session for experienced operators whom self-study and have experience driving forklifts, followed by the WorkCover licence assessment, this varies depending on operators experience and extra sessions may be required.

Onsite LO Orderpicker Forklift Training

This course is designed for companies that require their employees to complete the LO order picker training on the job at their current employment. Employers must agree to fill in all relevant areas of each student's logbook to maintain written practical proof of their driving participation, onsite while working. Students are required to complete a competency-based one, two or three days formal training course that covers areas such as OHS legislative requirements, verbal and practical demonstrations and full instruction of all elements of the LO Order Picker Training and Assessment. This also includes the written examination on completion of their formal training. All our onsite courses are orientated towards the individual needs of your employees. Our fully qualified training instructors will work closely with your employees to ensure they get exactly the right individual attention needed to make the most from their training.

LO Order Picker Licence Training Course Overview

Forklift Courses Sydney LO Orderpicker Forklift license course consists of both the theory and practical components. This course includes all the information and knowledge relating to all safe order picker operations and licence requirements. All practical driving aspects such as manoeuvring around obstacles, placing loads and retrieving loads from different heights, handling emergency situations, correct parking of the machine, checking harnesses and more will be covered during your course.

At the end of your training, a full WorkCover licence test will be conducted by a WorkCover accredited assessor. Successful candidates will receive a 'Statement of Attainment' and a nationally recognised LO forklift licence on completion.

Course Content:
Theory Study & Questions
Plan work
Conduct routine safety checks
Shift loads
Shut down equipment

Want To Keep Up To Date With All Of The Current Forklift, Order Picker and Warehouse Safety Laws?

Forklift Courses Sydney have a team of forklift safety experts and assessors with over 30 yrs experience,who are more than ready to answer any forklift safety questions that may originate. Also if you would like to keep up to date you can join our free forklift safety blog and newsletter. You'll receive valuable information to place on your notice boards or company newsletters. Great to implement with your staff at toolbox meetings. Don't be the last to find out when new laws come into place join here

Forklift Licence Courses Run At Our Training Centre:
Courses Held at Our Training Centre Sydney:
New students can choose from either one, two or three day courses (depending on their preference, work schedule, experience etc).

Our Two Day Forklift Course is by far the most popular and cost effective option. Held over 2 full days, each course includes both training and the WorkCover Assessment. All of our offices (& courses) are easily accessible by public transport.

Fork Licence Sydney Part Of The Absolute Forklift Training Family. Registered Training Organisation Open 7 Days A Week Enrol Now!!!

For All Forklift Course Licence Enquires,
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